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There are many ways to carry a hamster. You can carry it in your arms, in a pouch, in a special cage or in a small box. It is important to secure your hamster so that it does not escape or get hurt.

Taking a hamster safely

It is important to take a few precautions when carrying your hamster, as they are very fragile and can easily get hurt. Here are some tips to carry them without hurting them:

  • First of all, take your hamster in your hands, holding it firmly but without squeezing it too hard, without squeezing its belly.
  • Place your other hand under his tail to support him.
  • Then place it against your chest, so that it is well supported and feels safe
  • You can then put it in a pocket or backpack, so that it is even more secure and cannot escape.
  • When carrying him, be careful not to drop him or put him in a situation where he could get hurt.

Be aware that a hamster does not necessarily like to be handled or transported. If you exaggerate or if your hamster has fearHe may bite. So be patient and don't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do.

How to attract my hamster?

In order to wear it, the best way is to attract your hamster, so that it comes of itself on your hand or in the palm of it.

As a reminder, you can only touch your hamster 15 days after its birthnot before! To make your hand attractive 2 possibilities :

  • Either put a treat in the palm of your hand (not necessarily recommended for a baby)
  • Either put a new roll of toilet paper for example, or a game in which your hamster will slip immediately then, game that you will have only to carry. In fact, your hamster will be on your hand and will get used to it.

Lifting a hamster

Your hamster is not a puppy or a cat: don't lift it by the neck! They are far too fragile and delicate for that, you would hurt them. Similarly, lifting it by the paw or by the tail will hurt it excessively.

3 ways to grab your pet:

  • Put your hands together to make a platform, this one will then climb on it
  • Put your hand under his belly if your hamster is rather cool and low-stress
  • Put your thumb and forefinger around him, so that you make a "circle" around his body and can lift him, without pressing on his belly.
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