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7 reasons to choose a hamster

Because they are excellent pets for a number of reasons that are summarized below even if in my opinion, the list could be much longer. It is the best pet, see for yourself:

1. Hamsters are very easy to feed

They cost very little to feed, because they only eat in small quantities. The annual cost of food is a few dozen euros maximum, nothing to do with the cost of feeding a dog or a cat.

2. It is very simple to take care of a hamster

Unlike traditional pets like dogs or cats, hamsters require very little maintenance, as they are naturally quite clean. Going on vacation is therefore not a dilemma, no need to take it with you, nor to take it out to do its business before going to bed!

3. Hamsters are particularly sociable

Some animals may be feared to hurt children, scratch them or simply be unaffectionate: all the opposite of hamsters which, thanks to their liveliness and their daily fun, will make the joy and happiness of their owners, young or old.

4. They are inexpensive to purchase and maintain

The price of a hamster depends on its species, but a hamster is not expensive! In addition to being affordable to buy, they also cost less on a daily basis than traditional pets. If you think about it, I think it is the cheapest animal!

5. It is a pet that does not make noise

During the day, a hamster sleeps or rests. Therefore, it is rather silent. At nightfall or at night, he will play with the elements you have placed in his cage, with a relative noise. So, unless you stick your hamster's cage next to your bed, you won't hear anything!

6. They don't do any damage

It will surprise you (or not), but we have never seen a hamster pee on a carpet, scratch a couch or tear curtains. They are far too quiet animals, as we tell you!

7. They are really funny, cute and affectionate!

And that's probably the best reason of all: hamsters are active and playful, which makes them great pets to have around and fun to watch. You'll get a certain serenity and soothing quality from petting them. The best part is that they can be trained to do tricks, which makes them even more fun.

Tips & Questions about hamsters

What is the price of a hamster?

It all depends on the breed of the hamster. It will cost you between 5? and 10? most of the time

Does a hamster bite?

This is very rare. A hamster will only bite if it is stressed or handled with a little too much vigor.

Is a hamster easy to educate or train?

Yes, but some breeds are more suitable than others, such as the golden or Russian hamster for example. It will be more complicated to train a Chinese hamster.

Which is the nicest hamster?

All are friendly, but some are more sociable than others, among them the golden, roborovski or Russian hamster.

Which hamster lives the longest?

All of them have a comparable lifespan, on average 2 to 3 years. So it is clearly not a criterion of choice

What do hamsters eat?

Hamsters need a balanced and healthy diet, just like us! They eat mostly raw vegetables, seeds and fruits. Occasionally, they may eat some small insects.

Why does a hamster scream or squeak?

It is normally a very quiet animal. Its cries may indicate stress, panic, discontent or illness.

Does a hamster cry?

No, morphologically speaking it is not made for crying.

How do I know if my hamster loves me?

It's very simple: if he eats well, it means that he is happy and appreciates what you offer him! So keep an eye on his food and take a look at his morphology.

Does a hamster smell?

No! It is a very clean animal, which has no smell.