The first days of a hamster

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The days that follow the birth of the little rodent are full of emotions, you will have to heart to watch the development of your new little protected, and with a little attention you will realize that every day or almost, it evolves.

The growth of a hamster

During its first days of life, the little rodent evolves very quickly. You can observe the following stages:

  • Birth: they have no hair, they are deaf and blind
  • From day 2 to day 3: spots of color appear on her skin
  • Day 4: Ears begin to develop and grow
  • 8th day: the mother gives them their first solid food
  • From day 5 to day 11: the fur starts to appear
  • From the 10th day: they open their eyes
  • Around the 12th day: they begin to eat on their own, without the help of the mother
  • Beginning of the 2nd week: they start to visit their world.
  • Beginning of the 3rd week: baby hamster becomes big and takes care of its own food and his toilet.
  • From the 22nd to the 27th day: depending on the breed, it is recommended to separate the mother from her offspring

If you are looking for a more general way to calculate the age of a hamsterYou can use the table below as a guide. However, keep in mind that after 1 month, the stages and development is no longer as marked as the stages described above, and it is therefore no longer possible to identify with certainty its age (and therefore its human equivalent)

Age of the hamsterhuman age equivalent
0 to 3 months0 to 14 years old
3 to 6 months14 to 18 years old
6 to 18 months18 to 40 years old
18 to 30 months40 to 65 years old
30 to 48 months65 to 90 years old
More than 48 monthsit is a venerable ancestor!

When can I touch a baby hamster?

A hamster is considered a baby for the first month of its life. You should not touch it during its first days of life, otherwise its mother may reject it.
But be careful: if you wish to have a hamster in the future cuddle and tender - in other words, used to your smell, your voice and your hand - establish contact. You should start touching him gently with your fingertips, without carrying him, from the beginning of the second week.

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