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Summer is here and with it the heat! Your hamster also suffers from the heat wave and needs to be cooled down. Here are some tips to help him to bear the heat.

Tips for cooling a hamster

Hamsters need to be cool, especially in the summer. Here are some tips on how to cool your hamster safely and effectively.

First of all, you must make sure that your hamster has access to fresh water at all times. Place a bowl of fresh water in his cage and change him every day. 

An excellent tip is to place a cotton ball soaked in fresh water in the your hamster's cage. He can lie on the cotton ball to cool off. Be sure to change the cotton ball every day and do not let it dry out.

Finally, you can put some ice cubes in your hamster's cage. Place them where your hamster can't reach them and make sure they don't melt too quickly. Ice cubes can help your hamster maintain a comfortable body temperature.

If you follow these tips, your hamster will be refreshed and happy all summer long!

Wash a hamster?

These cute little rodents are relatively low-maintenance and make excellent companions. However, there is one question that pet owners often ask: can we wash a hamster ? The answer is clear: you should never wash your hamsterexcept in cases of absolute necessity.

A bath can remove the natural oils from your pet's skin and put him at risk of unnecessary well-being.

In the ultimate case, if your hamster needs a bath, be sure to use a mild soap and warm water. Always supervise your pet during the bathing process and be sure to dry him completely afterwards. By following these simple tips, you can help keep your hamster healthy and happy for years to come.

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