How big are hamsters?

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Hamsters are popular pets, appreciated for their small size and ease of care. However, there are several breeds of hamster, each with its own characteristics and dimensions. In this article, we'll explore the different sizes of hamsters by breed, to help you choose the ideal companion for you.

What factors determine a hamster's size?

Before looking at the different hamster breeds and their respective sizes, you should know that size depends mainly on four factors:

  • Genetics The final size of the hamster may vary according to its lineage.
  • Age Young hamsters will grow to adult size.
  • Nutrition a power supply will promote healthy, harmonious development.
  • Environment A sufficiently large, stimulating space will enable the hamster to develop properly.

Size of the different hamster breeds

Although there are 18 species of hamsters in the world, only five of them are commonly kept as pets: the Russian hamstersChinese, Golden (Syrian), Roborovski and Campbell. Here's an overview of the adult sizes of these different breeds.

Golden hamsters (Syrian)

Length : 12.7 to 17.8 cm
Weight : 144 to 170 grams

Golden hamsters are the largest of the breeds commonly kept as pets. They are also known as Syrian hamsters or teddy bears. Despite their relatively large size, some smaller variations, known as "PeeWee", are also available.

Roborovski hamsters

Length : 4.6 to 5.1 cm
Weight : 20 to 25 grams

These little hamsters are the smallest of the breeds commonly adopted as pets. Because of their small size, it is important to choose a cage adapted to prevent them from slipping through the bars and escaping.

Campbell hamsters (Russian dwarfs)

Length : 5.1 to 10.2 cm
Weight : 42 to 57 grams

Also known simply as Russian dwarf hamsters, they can also be found in the wild in countries such as Mongolia, China, Russia and Kazakhstan. The wild hamsters of this species are generally smaller (less than 7.6 cm) as they have limited access to food. Campbell hamsters are also known for their distinctive facial markings.

White winter hamsters

Length : 6.9 to 8.9 cm
Weight : 20 to 45 grams

Although their name indicates that they turn white in winter, this characteristic only applies to wild specimens. Domestic white winter hamsters generally keep the same color all year round. They are similar in size to Russian hamsters, and have a calm demeanor.

Chinese dwarf hamsters

Length : 8.1 to 12.7 cm
Weight : 31 to 45 grams

This breed of dwarf hamster is very popular as pets and can also be used in certain laboratories. They are distinguished by their more elongated appearance and slightly more visible tail than other hamster breeds.

Choosing the right companion: a few tips

When choosing your hamster, there are several criteria to take into account. The size of the adult bicolor should obviously match your expectations and the constraints of your home. You should also check compatibility between different breeds or individuals, as some hamster breeds (such as golden hamsters) prefer to live alone, while others (Roborovski hamsters or Russian dwarfs) enjoy the company of their counterparts of the same sex.

In short, it's essential to find out about the specific features of the different hamster breeds, and adapt your choice to your preferences, the space available and the animal's needs. A happy hamster will be a pleasant companion for many years to come.

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