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If you have ever owned a hamster, you know how cute and affectionate they can be. But did you know that there are several species of hamsters, and that some of them are more friendly than others with humans? In this article, we will introduce you to the different species of hamsters, and give you some tips on how to choose the most friendly hamster for you.

Complicit, playful, cuddly: words better chosen

It is difficult to talk about kindness for an animal: by default, we can consider all hamsters (and all animals in general it seems to me) as "kind". This word doesn't seem to me to be adapted because the reference that we take is us, the man, the owner.
What we are looking for is ?which hamster will be the most complicit with me? or ?which species of hamster will be the most playful with my children?

It is therefore necessary to define with exhaustive and rational criteria, which species is most suitable to a particular owner, so that he can find the species most likely to meet his needs.
Attention These animals have a will of their own, a personality. The breed or species gives indications on the general character of a hamster, but each animal will be different, mainly depending on the education, the food and the care you will give it.

In our article on how to choose the right hamsterWe have presented a complete table summarizing the characteristics of each species, from which it is possible to deduce some information 

The easiest to tame?

In the "dressage" category, the Russian hamsters and the golden hamsters stand out.

Russian HamsterSyrian Hamster or goldCampbell's HamsterHamster RoborovskiChinese Hamster
DressageTo tame youngEasy to hold
Easy to tame
Quite difficult to holdDifficult because very lively
likes to hang on
in the hands

We could add to the above the Chinese hamster and the hamster roborovski whose complexity is not so much the training as the fact of making them stay in place! They are always on the move. The campbell hamster, on the other hand, is less inclined to be close to its master.

Which hamster is the funniest?

We are going to start from the principle that the word "funny" corresponds to "player", that is to say that we try to know which hamster is the most likely to make you laugh, to be the hero of your photos or videos, because of its attitude either too cute, or its behavior of tireless there.

In this game, the most lively, those who need to spend and play the most, are the Chinese hamster and the roborovky hamster, but followed closely by the Russian!

Russian HamsterSyrian or golden hamsterCampbell's HamsterHamster RoborovskiChinese Hamster
Very friendly
Likes to be caressed
Very friendly
Not very aggressive
Can be aggressive
Can bite
Subject to stress
Very active
Very energetic
Good mood
Active and lively
Agile and a climber

Which species likes to be petted the most?

Without much hesitation, the Syrian and Russian hamster! This is similar to the question of training your little friend, and therefore to the first table on this page. It is not the case that (with the exception of the Campbell, perhaps) other hamsters do not like to be petted, but rather that they are always too eager to play to spend time without moving under your finger or in your hand!

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