How to wash a hamster?

? " Hamster Care " How to wash a hamster?
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Unlike other pets, hamsters don't need to be washed with water.water. In fact, immersing them in water can be very dangerous for them. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't wash your hamster with water:

  • Stress: hamsters can easily become stressed when placed in water, which can have adverse effects on their health.
  • Loss of natural oils: water eliminates the natural oils that protect the hamster's skin and coat, which can lead to skin problems.

Using a sand bath as an alternative to water

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective alternative for washing a hamster without using water: the sand bath. Sand baths help remove excess oil and dirt from your hamster's coat without damaging the skin. Here's how to prepare and use a sand bath for your hamster:

1. Choose the right type of sand

Choose a sand specially designed for hamsters, as some types can be too abrasive for their delicate skin. Look for fine, dust-free sand, available at most pet shops.

2. Prepare the container for the sand bath

Choose a shallow container that is large enough for the hamster to roll around and turn over easily. A small plastic box or shallow dish works well. Fill the container with about 2 to 3 cm of sand.

3. Introduce the hamster into the sand bath

Gently place your hamster in the container with the sand. Let him explore and roll in the sand at his own pace. It is normal for the hamster to dig and throw sand on itself. This is part of the cleaning process.

4. Watch the hamster during the sand bath

Make sure you keep an eye on your hamster while it's taking its sand bath. Only intervene if necessary, for example, if the hamster seems stuck or stressed.

Clean specific areas of the hamster with a damp cloth

In some cases, you may need to clean a specific area of the hamster's body, for example if it has stepped in something sticky or has traces of urine or feces on it. In these situations, here's how to safely clean the area concerned:

1. Prepare a soft, clean cloth

Choose a soft, clean cloth, such as a microfiber towel or cotton square. Dampen it slightly with lukewarm water, then wring it out to remove any excess water. The cloth should be damp, but not soaked.

2. Gently hold the hamster

Hold your hamster firmly but gently in one hand, being careful not to hurt it. Be sure to support his head and its paws to prevent it from injuring itself trying to escape.

3. Clean the affected area

Use the damp cloth to gently wipe the dirty area of the hamster's body. Be very careful not to rub too hard or irritate the skin. If necessary, repeat the process with another clean, damp cloth until the area is clean.

Let your hamster dry after cleaning

After cleaning your hamster, whether it's a sand bath or a spot cleaning, you must allow its fur to dry completely before putting it back in its cage. cage. This will help prevent skin problems caused by humidity.

By following these tips on how to safely groom a hamster, you will help maintain proper hygiene for your little pet without causing unnecessary stress or health problems. With a little patience and gentleness, grooming your hamster will become an easy and enjoyable routine for both of you.

Hamster cleaning instructions

Remember that by default : hamsters are very clean animals and do not need to be cleaned excessively. The water-based care must be done sparingly, your hamster will inevitably be a little stressed.

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