Comparative : which hamster to choose ?

? " Hamster info " Comparative : which hamster to choose ?
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Choosing which breed of hamster to adopt essentially depends on your desires as well as its future living conditions. Before deciding which breed to buy, it's a good idea to ask yourself the following questions: do you want to buy a hamster to pet, or just to look at? Will it be suitable for young or very young children? Do you want to tame or train it? Do you want a small or large hamster? large hamster ? etc.

Depending on the answers to your questions, some species of hamsters will be recommended while others will be prohibited. You will find below all the information you need to compare hamster species and make your choice.

Choosing a Russian Hamster

  • Name: Russian hamster
  • Size: about 10 cm
  • Morphology: it is relatively small and fragile, rather difficult to hold in hands
  • Weight: from 45 to 65 grams
  • Colors: Grey brown, white, sapphire, pearl
  • Life span : 18 months to 3 years
  • Character : shy, very friendly, likes to be petted, quite active
  • Dressage no problem, but at tame preferably young
  • Recommended for children?
    (except for very young children)

Choosing a Syrian or golden hamster

  • Name: Syrian or golden hamster
  • Size: from 15 to 20 cm - it is the largest
  • Morphology: it is large so easy to hold
  • Weight: from 100 to 200 grams
  • Colors: many choices, ranging from gold, reddish to brown
  • Lifetime : 2 to 3 years
  • Character: very friendly, calm and not aggressive
  • Dressage : it is easy to tame
  • Recommended for children?

Choosing a Cambpell hamster

  • Name : Campbell's hamster
  • Size: from 7 to 10 cm
  • Morphology: small and fragile
  • Weight: from 40 to 60 grams
  • Colors : often grey
  • Lifetime : 2 years
  • Character: not particularly friendly, can be aggressive and bite
  • Dressage : quite difficult to hold in hand, and thus to tame
  • Recommended for children?

Choosing a Roborovski hamster

  • Name: hamster roborovski
  • Size: 5 cm
  • Morphology: very small and fragile
  • Weight : from 30 to 50 grams
  • Colors: white, sand or grey
  • Lifetime : 1.5 to 2 years
  • Character : shy, stressful, very active, pleasant
  • Dressage: possible but complicated because lively and therefore difficult to hold.
  • Recommended for children?

Choosing a Chinese hamster

  • Name: Chinese hamster
  • Size: 10 cm
  • Morphology: looks like a mouse, long body, quite small
  • Weight : from 30 to 50 grams
  • Colors: gray, brown
  • Lifetime: 2 to 2.5 years
  • Character : shy, good-natured, lively, climber
  • Dressage: possible, likes to hold on to hands to play
  • Recommended for children?

Comparative table of hamster species

You will have understood that each species has its own character and its particularities, its small advantages and its disadvantages, even if the latter are always minor! To summarize the previous characteristics and allow you to make your choice, here is a summary table of the elements described above:

Russian HamsterSyrian Hamster or goldCampbell's HamsterHamster RoborovskiChinese Hamster
Size and morphology10 cm
Small and fragile
15 to 20 cm
The biggest
7 to 10 cm
Small and fragile
5 cm
Very small and fragile
10 cm
Looks like a mouse
Weight45 to 65 gr100 to 200 gr40 to 60 gr30 to 50 gr30 to 50 gr
Life expectancy1.5 to 2 years2 to 3 years2 years1.5 to 2 years2 to 2.5 years
Many choices
Often greyWhite
Very friendly
Likes to be caressed
Very friendly
Not very aggressive
Can be aggressive
Can bite
Subject to stress
Very active
Very energetic
Good mood
Active and lively
Agile and a climber
DressageTo tame youngEasy to hold
Easy to tame
Quite difficult to holdDifficult because very lively
likes to hang on
in the hands
Suitable for children
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