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Hamsters are very active animals and need a stimulating environment. Rolling toys are perfect for hamsters because they can help them exercise and entertain themselves, but they're not the only ones - far from it! Labyrinths, tunnels, lots and lots of toys for your little furry friend!

Choosing the right hamster toy

Hamsters like to have fun: offer them toys appropriate for them to have fun and thrive. Here are some tips for choosing the right toy for your hamster.

Balls, wheels and slides

Balls should be large enough that the hamster cannot swallow them. Wheels should be stable and solid, with no sharp edges. Slides should be smooth and without sharp edges.

Plastic, wood and metal toys

All can be suitable, if and only if:

  • Plastic toys should be smooth and free of sharp edges.
  • wooden toys must be made of untreated wood
  • Metal toys must be tin or aluminum.

Playing with food? it's possible!

Hamsters also like to play with foodYou can give them seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Seeds should be unsalted and untreated, nuts should be unsalted and unshelled. Fruits and vegetables should be washed and cut into small pieces.

We recommend that you buy several toys to see which ones your pet will enjoy the most. You can find lots of toys in pet stores, toy stores or online.
Don't forget that a toy adapted to the size of your hamster is essential: as for children, toys that are too small can be swallowed and toys that are too big can be dangerous.
Finally, and even if it seems obvious, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the toys provided to the animal are made of non-toxic and non-abrasive materials.

Toys that make your hamster move

Toys are essential for the well-being of your hamster. They help him to exercise and prevent him from getting bored. Toys should be appropriate for your hamster's size and activity level. More active hamsters will need more stimulation than quieter ones.

Here are some ideas for toys for your hamster:

  • The wheel It is a must for hamsters. It allows them to run around and exercise.
  • The tunnel Tunnels: Hamsters love to explore and hide. Tunnels offer them a new way to discover their environment.
  • The ball This is a simple but very fun toy for hamsters. They love to push and roll the ball around the cage.

Toys that stimulate hamster intelligence

Hamsters are very popular pets, especially with children. They are hugsThey are adorable and very easy to care for. But did you know that hamsters are also very intelligent?

Hamsters can learn to perform many tasks and tricks, such as fetching a ball or jumping through a loop. They love to learn new things and are very curious.

To stimulate your hamster's intelligence, buy suitable toys. Toys that encourage physical activity are ideal for hamsters, as they help them burn off energy and stay healthy. Toys that promote learning and cognitive stimulation are also very beneficial for hamsters.

Here are some examples of toys that will stimulate your hamster's intelligence:

  • The labyrinths Mazes: Hamsters love to explore and get lost in mazes. Wooden mazes are especially popular with hamsters.
  • The toys with wheels They love to play with the toys that roll.
  • The interactive toys Toys: Hamsters love to play with toys that allow them to interact, and that promote learning and cognitive stimulation.

Give your hamster the right toys and activities to stimulate its intelligence and help it stay healthy.

One last piece of advice: don't confuse playing with your hamster with making it play! Indeed, carry your hamster in your hands at all hours of the day and night is not good. Instead, let him discover his environment and have fun on his own with the elements of the decor that he finds appropriate!

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