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There are many debates among pet owners about what their pets can and cannot eat. The same is true for hamsters, who are particularly sensitive to what they eat because of their small size and weak stomach. So yes or no, can I give my hamster bread?

Overall, bread is bad for hamsters

If you are used to giving bread to your hamster, you should stop. Why? Because bread is not a source of food Bread is not only nutritious for hamsters, but it can also be harmful to them. In addition, bread is not a very balanced food source and does not contain the vitamins and minerals that your hamster needs to stay healthy. 

As you probably know, bread is mainly made from flour, water and yeast. But two of these constituents are harmful: 

  • The flour is a complex carbohydrate source that can be difficult to digest for hamsters
  • If the formation of yeast in the stomach exceeds a certain amount, it causes the process of fermentation. This, in turn, is the result of alcohol intoxication.

With the following consequences for your little friend in the medium/long term:

  • abdominal pain
  • digestive problems (bloated stomach, bloating)
  • loose stools
  • nausea/vomiting
  • the formation of gas from a thick gut that can cause respiratory failure
  • diarrhoea and renunciation of food;
  • heart disease
  • obesity

If you thought that giving him bread was a good idea so that he could gnaw his teeth, you were wrong! Instead, give him a apple slice or a cucumber slice. Fruits and vegetables are a much healthier food source for them.

Because bread is a powerful source of carbohydrates, even a small piece of bread can cause obesity if you give it to him on a recurring basis.

As you will have understood, it is strongly recommended not to give bread to your hamster.

An exception: bread without yeast

Bread without yeast can possibly be given to a hamster, in small quantities only.

Indeed, unlike traditional bread or baguette, this kind of bread will not only give the hamster a certain pleasure, but also a benefit. Why? Precisely because the bread without yeast? has no yeast, which removes a big problem as mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Another possibility: dry croutons

Dry croutons, unlike bread, can be given to your pet, provided that they are properly composed. Hamsters are naturally adapted to eating solid food (which is what croutons are, unlike bread) and from this point of view, they are much better for the teeth of your little rodents. Also note that homemade food will be much appreciated by your friend!


There's no need to stress if you've already fed your furry friend bread before reading this article. The danger lies mainly in the frequency and repetition of poor nutrition. And remember, in the end, that the life of hamsters depends on the quality of the care you give them, including food! 

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