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Although it depends slightly on the species, a hamster can be considered young if it is less than 4 to 6 months old, at which point it becomes an adult, before being considered old as soon as it exceeds 30 months.

How old is my hamster?

The life cycle of the hamster is well known, and here again, even if there are differences depending on the breed, there is a common knowledge base.

  • A hamster is 0 to 6 months old
  • A hamster is adult from 6 to 30 months
  • A hamster is older than 30 months

If you want to calculate the human age of your hamster (its equivalent), you can use the following table:

Age of the hamsterhuman age equivalent
0 to 3 months0 to 14 years old
3 to 6 months14 to 18 years old
6 to 18 months18 to 40 years old
18 to 30 months40 to 65 years old
30 to 48 months65 to 90 years old
More than 48 monthsit is a hundred years old! ?

What is the life span of a hamster?

Two factors influence thelife expectancy of your small protected: its race, and its living conditions. Here is the average life span according to the races:

SpeciesLife expectancy
Russian Hamster 1.5 to 2 years
Golden Hamster or Syrian2 to 3 years old
Campbell's Hamster2 years
Hamster Roborovski1.5 to 2 years
Chinese Hamster2 to 2.5 years

Coming of age of hamsters: sexual maturity

Hamsters generally reach their sexual maturity at the age of three to four months and then become adults. Physically, they can continue to develop and grow until they are one year old. Adult hamsters generally have thicker, glossier fur than younger hamsters and can weigh up to 250 grams.

The transition period from adolescence to adulthood in hamsters is marked by 3 events:

  • they start to explore their environment
  • they start to play with other hamsters if they are in presence
  • they are interested in sexual activities.

It is precisely at this point that it is advisable, if necessary, to adapt the your hamster's cageso that he doesn't feel cramped in his environment:

Finally, it is at this stage of their lives that they are also most likely to be aggressive towards other hamsters.

The emotional needs of an adult hamster are relatively straightforward. It needs plenty of space, food and shelter. toys exercise and attention. He also needs a lot of patience and love.

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