5 popular hamster breeds: which one is right for you?

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Are you thinking of getting a hamster in the near future? There are several breeds of hamster, but which one is best for you? They are all excellent pets, are small and do not take up too much space, are super cute and hugs. However, each hamster has different personality traits and characteristics, which are worth knowing before adopting one.

You may have done some research and already have a type of hamster in mind. But have you taken into account the many elements in choosing the right hamster breed for you? For example: the amount of maintenance they require, their sociability if you want to have more than one pet hamster, their life expectancytheir general behavior.

To help you choose the right hamster breed for you, we've put together the five most common domestic hamster breeds and listed their common characteristics.

Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamster is the most common and best selling hamster breed. They are also called teddy hamsters and usually have a very friendly and affectionate character. They are said to establish a strong bond with their owners and are very easy to handle, making them perfect for keeping young children company.

This breed of hamster is mainly nocturneAs a result, they are not very active during the day, which may not be to your liking if you prefer an animal that you can play with more frequently. A Syrian hamster can live up to about four years, but its average lifespan is usually 2 to 3 years.

The Syrian hamster is a little larger than its congeners, reaching a length of about 15 cm. It tends to be more relaxed than other breeds, which makes him easy to hold and pet.

Although affectionate towards their owners, they are not a sociable breed with other hamsters, so they should be kept alone.

Roborovski dwarf hamster

The Roborovki hamster is very sociablebut it should not be tamed! This breed of hamster likes to spend time with other hamsters of its own species, but she doesn't like to shareso if you plan to have more than one, they will need plenty of room to move around and their own food, toys and water.

These are the fastest of the dwarf hamster breedsRoborovki hamsters do not particularly like to be manipulatedSo if you want a pet you can cuddle, then you'll be more comfortable with a Chinese or White Russian hamster. However, if you want a pet you can have fun with, then the Roborovski hamster will not disappoint you. If you provide him with a large tank and lots of toys, you can spend hours watching him run around and get tired.

Overall, this breed of hamster low maintenance and its average life span is 2.5 to 3 years.

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese hamsters are much smaller than the Syrian hamsterswith a length of about 10 to 15 cm. They are more like mice, are faster on their feet and much more players than other hamster breeds. If you want a pet that you can play with, the Chinese hamster may be of interest to you.

This breed of hamster is friendly and affectionate when she gets the attention she needs, and she'll appreciate being held and stroked without nipping at you. You can house more than one Chinese hamster together, but you'll need to introduce them slowly to each other to make sure they like each other before putting them in the same room. cage. There is no guarantee in this respect.

They require a lot of attention and can become destructive when they get bored. In that sense, they require a bit more maintenance as you will need to keep them busy and happy as much as possible, otherwise they may chew through absolutely everything.

Campbell Dwarf Russian Hamster

For all dwarf hamsters, the clue is in the name, as they are tiny and look like voles. A Campbell hamster has a shorter lifespan, about 1.5 to 2 years, and is much more shy than other hamster breeds. They are mostly nocturnalbut they like be sociable and when they receive attention from you.

You will need to ensure that the dwarf hamster feel at home, with an atmosphere of warm and safe place and maybe some accessories so that he can sleep hide. Because of their shy nature, Campbell's dwarf hamsters are not suitable pets for young children. They will prefer an owner with a calmer temperament who has time to give them attention when they need it.

Dwarf winter white Russian hamster

Another breed of dwarf hamster, the Russian hamster winter whitealso known as Siberian hamster or djungian hamsterIt is twice as small as the Syrian hamster and comes from colder climates.

This breed of hamster usually has a brown or gray coat, despite its name, but their coat turns white in winter as a natural defense against predators. They look a lot like Campbell's dwarf hamstersWhite Russians have hairier legs, which makes it possible to differentiate them.

Overall, this type of hamster is very nice and would be suitable for a family, but the adult supervision is recommended when handling a winter white Russian, because it can be very fast on its feet and can run away and hide if he is surprised.

These are social animals and they would enjoy the company of another hamster of the same sex, but make sure they have a spacious house to give them their own space to relax. It is recommended to keep them in a quiet place, but provide them with plenty of attention and toys to keep them stimulated throughout the day.

As they are very smallordinary hamster cages are not suitable as they can easily be damaged by the sneak in in the gaps, so you may want to consider housing them in a tank.

Choosing the right hamster breed depends on your desires

No matter which breed of hamster you prefer, they all make wonderful furry friends. The key to getting a pet is to do your research and be prepared before you bring it home. Make sure you have enough space, the right accessories and enough time and love to devote to it.

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